Benina Yodell-Okin


Benina Yodell-Okin


Benina Yodell-Okin

Cadet #106

Benina is huge fan of the Golden Girls, and playing BINGO with her rock lady friends. She ran her own cosmic bakery for 15 years. She’s a talented cake decorator and has an undergraduate degree in marketing. She’ always coming up with great ideas, maybe she’ll share some of them with you!

Benina is a medium sized potato rock.

A little bit of info about potato rocks:

Potato Rock Approximate Sizes (actual size will vary since each potato rock is made by the artist, and some are wider than they are longer).

Minis 5X2.5”

Small 6X3.5”

Smed (Small-Medium) 6X4”

Medium 7X4”

Large 9.5X5.5”

Extra Large 12X6.5” (or larger)

Potato Rocks are made of good feelings and creativity. They are also environmentally friendly since they are filled with between 60-100% remnant material from JooYoung’s large scale sculptures and puppets.

If you shake them over your head they can give you a good idea or help you reach a 'Eureka!' moment.

Potato Rocks are often used to help cure "artists block".

Potato rocks are fun and they make a pleasing noise when you shake them.

The sizes listed are approximate since each potato rock is one of a kind.

The appearance of your rock will be a surprise, some are light gray, others are dark gray--it will be a surprise.

Each rock is made in JooYoung Choi's studio.

Funds from the Potato Rocks are used to keep JooYoung's studio well stocked with supplies and research materials, funding also helps to pay for the creation and repair of puppets, the development of video

art, and the maintenance and storage of large scale sculptures.

These artist objects are part of a limited edition of 1000 multiples, each potato rock is numbered.

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