Extra Large Potato Rock -Smile Edition - Quentin Rogers #17

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Extra Large Potato Rock -Smile Edition - Quentin Rogers #17


Meet Quentin M. Rogers. He will be featured in an upcoming installation in Wichita, KS from June 1st to the 10th, after participating in this event he will be promptly sent to his future home.

Half of the profits received for this and the other Kansas Smile Edition Rocks sold between May 15th and June 15th will be given to Harvester Arts.

Full name: Quentin Magnificent Rogers

Potato Rock Cadet License Number: 17

Gender: M

Size: 12 X 7 X 6 inches

Birthdate: March 27 1928

Place of Birth: Tiska Toh, CW

Description: Quentin is an optimistic problem solver. He has luck on his side and has a big handsome smile. He can see the future, but only about 5-10 seconds ahead of present time. He likes sharks and watching people play video games. His favorite movie is Karate Kid. He loves to travel and hopes to find a new home on Earth.

General Information About Potato Rocks

Potato Rocks are made of good feelings and creativity. They are also environmentally friendly since they are filled with 100% remnant material from my large scale sculptures and puppets. 

If you shake them over your head they can give you a good idea or help you reach a 'Eureka!' moment.

Potato Rocks are often used to help cure "artists block".

Potato rocks are fun and they make a pleasing noise when you shake them.

The sizes listed are approximate since each potato rock is one of a kind.

The appearance of your rock will be a surprise, some are light gray, others are dark gray--it will be a surprise.

Each rock is made in JooYoung Choi's studio.

Funds from the Potato Rocks are used to keep JooYoung's studio well stocked with supplies and research materials, funding also helps to pay for the creation and repair of puppets, the development of video art, and the maintenance and storage of large scale sculptures.

These artist objects are part of a limited edition of 1000 multiples, each potato rock is numbered.

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This potato rock will be used in an installation in Wichita, KS, after the installation is deinstalled the piece will be mailed to you. If by some unexpected event of theft, you will be informed and will be given either the option for a reimbursement or if possible, depending upon how many potato rocks are available given the option choose a different potato rock. 

If you live in Wichita, and would like to purchase the piece and pick it up to avoid shipping costs, please contact JooYoung Choi directly.