Introducing Luck Bugs

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Meet the Luck Bugs...


Luck Bugs are made of gratitude and thoughtful reflection. Luck Bugs don’t actually change outside forces to bring about luckiness, rather, they help emit a warm and loving energy that encourages people to think about the luck already in their lives. Just hold a luck bug in your hands, and think of the people you are lucky to know, love or spend time with. Luck bugs help us to find gratitude for the experiences that have or continue to bring us joy. They also remind us to embrace the qualities inside of each person that make them lucky.

 Betty Fantastic - Cadet #4

Who is Betty Fantastic? She is a luck bug who loves gardening, dressing up for dance parties, bird watching and listening to vaporwave. She spends her days being an observant friend and has a masters in Luckology from CWU, that’s Cosmic Womb University. She is very much interested in visiting Earth, and finding a friendly room mate to live with. 

Betty is a small Luck bug, she’s approximately 3 inches wide and 6 inches long. She is wearing three hand made flowers.

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 Cousin Nev-Nov - Cadet #4

Who is Cousin Nev-Nov (pronunciation tip: rhymes with Bev-Dove) ? Little Nevvy is the cousin you are always happy to see when he’s in town. He’s a happy guy who loves the night life. He likes jazz clubs and comedy shows. He’s got a knack for winning trivia nights and coming in first place in luck bug dance competitions. He loves reading historical fiction romance novels, and watching documentaries about women who have changed the world. He is very social and is looking forward to finding a new home on Earth.

Nev-Nov is a a little bigger than a mini Luck bug, he’s approximately 3.25 inches wide and 5.25 inches long.  He has 10 spots.

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 🐞 More about Luck Bugs 🐞

They’re also eco-friendly (they’re filled with between 60-100% remnant material from JooYoung’s large scale sculptures and puppets).

The sizes listed are approximate since each Luck Bug is one of a kind. Each bug is made in JooYoung Choi's studio. Funds from the Luck Bugs are used to keep JooYoung's studio well stocked with supplies and research materials, funding also helps to pay for the creation and repair of puppets, the development of video art, and the maintenance and storage of large scale sculptures. These artist objects are part of a limited edition of 1000 multiples, each Luck Bug is numbered.